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A revolutionary toilet brush with a flexible, D-shaped silicone head that reaches all areas, even under the rim

Flexible Silicone Toilet Brush | Toilet brush, Toilet cleaning, Cleaning  storage

Are you worried about bathroom cleaning?

Do you need a powerful cleaning brush that can clean many hard to reach places?
Are you worried that you don’t have a good place to put your brushes?
Try this toilet brush and holder set, solve your bathroom cleaning problems easily!

Silicone Flexible Toilet Brush With Holder, No-Slip Long Handle Toilet Brush  at Rs 115/unit | Toilet Cleaning Brush, Plastic Toilet Brushes, Bathroom  Brush, Bathroom Toilet Brushes, Toilet Cleaning Tool - HK Imports,

Nordic Cleaning Silicone Head Toilet Brush - ABUTNASHEN | Toilet brush,  Toilet cleaning, Cleaning


The purpose of using silicon is that it does NOT harbor bacteria. It's very easy to disinfect.
It’s based on science: Microbiologists agree that silicone brushes not only seem less gross than their plastic-bristled counterparts; they are actually more sanitary

Hygienic Toilet Brush — puresilky 

Silicone attracts fewer germs

“Silicone would be more resistant to microbial contamination,” Johnson says. “That’s why it’s is being used more frequently in medical applications.” microbiologist at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Silicone is easier to clean
Silicone can also be more easily and thoroughly cleaned than plastic-bristled brushes, Johnson says, which obviously results in a more sanitary bathroom environment.

FEDTIC™ Toilet Brush and Holder Set for Bathroom - Lostwonder


Efficient Cleaning
This Silicone Toilet Brush is Better deepened the cleaning of the gap, can go deep into pipes and grooves, better reach to some dead corner, or an under-rim section.
TPR Brush Head
It is moderately soft, can be bent freely, will not scratch the toilet even if the brush head cleans the toilet with great force. It can also easily be cleaned, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning problem after using the brush.
Individual Holder
It solves the problem that the toilet brush has nowhere to place or the toilet brush cannot keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

Buy Silicone Flex Toilet Brush With Holder

Reduce Odor
There is a cover where the brush head meets the handle when you put the brush into the holder, it can block inner smell out, leave no unpleasant odors in your bathroom.
Breathable Holder
The holder is detachable and with slots allow water and sewage to evaporate quickly, it allows the toilet brush to dry and drain more easily.
Non-slip Handle
The handle is ergonomic that fits in your hand perfectly, humanized handle keep away from slip and bending.
Bathroom Decor
You can hang it on the wall without drilling holes, or you can place it directly on the floor. With its fashion and simple looking, it can go with any style of bathroom.

Revolutionary Silicone Flex Toilet Brush With Holder – harmoninie


Can the holder be attached to the side of the toilet tank?

  • The mount holder has a self-adhesive glue on the backside that should stick to porcelain. My holder is attached to the wall. So far no issues coming off.
  • I think so if your toilet tank surface is flat and smooth. The item comes with an adhesive hanger in which the brush holder can be pushed in.

After you clean the toilet and replace the brush with the holder, does water drip through the holes in the bottom of the holder?

  • Our toilet brush is made of silicone bristle, the water just falls right off after cleaning the toilet. Therefore, when you put the brush into the holder, a whole bunch of nasty toilet water doesn't stay trapped inside of the brush holder. The holes in the bottom of the holder are designed for ventilation and quick-drying.

How the holder attached to the wall?

  • Our package comes with 2 sticky pads, just stick the pad on the wall, slide the holder down then it can be wall-mounted. Our toilet brush and holder also can be set anywhere.

Does this Toilet brush scratch a new toilet bowl? Entangle with hair?

  • NO, This is soft bristles brush, no-scratching, and no entangled.

Will using bleach cause any discoloration/damage to the brush? TY. Recommended maintenance of brush?

  • I have been using the toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and it has held its color so far.
  • I've used bleach several times now with this brush and it has had no effect on the brush at all. The brush seems to need no maintenance at all. I simply splash it around in the water before removal, and it comes out looking new still.

Do you have to rinse or clean the container?

  • We kindly suggest you rinse the brush with water after using it. Then the toilet brushes without dirty and no need to rinse or clean the container.

Could the brush reach under the rim of the toilet?

  • Of course, the bristle is soft, can easily clean the groove of the toilet, as well as other corners.

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